We Grow Microgreens, LLC

Locally and Sustainably Grown in Soil with Sunshine


Our Story

We Grow Microgreens, LLC is a Hyde Park, Boston, Massachusetts based urban farm ​specializing in highly nutritious microgreens, edible flowers and plants using organic and sustainable growing practices.

Microgreens are tender, edible seedlings of vegetables and herbs grown to the cotyledons (seed leaves) or first true leaf stages. In comparison to their mature counterparts, microgreens provide five times more vitamins and carotenoids. Unlike sprouts, they are grown in soil and only the stem and the leaves are eaten. Microgreens provide strong flavors, bright colors and delicious textures for salads, entrees, or desserts!

Our new 4,600-square-foot greenhouse was designed and built with sustainability in mind; it allows produce to grow in without grow-lights and hydroponics. We use potting soil as a growing medium and try to find organically-sourced seeds. After harvest, we compost our soil, reducing waste. Our newly added raised garden beds allow for even more soil recycling and growing. We recycle our rainwater to reduce water usage and waste. Sustainability is one of our founding principles, and we use it every step of the way!   


We Grow Microgreens owners, Lisa and Tim started this company from a tiny greenhouse in their backyard. Now they operate a 4,600 square foot greenhouse and two high tunnels. Lisa experienced the benefits of eating a diet full of microgreens at the Hippocrates Health Institute and became fascinated with their curative properties. Tim is an urban gardener, who has won local awards for various produce and gardens. 


A huge thank you for your patience and support us as we have grown.


Founders Lisa Evans and Tim Smith


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The farm began in our backyard...

Five and a half years later, the Farm was conveyed a piece of land by the City of Boston.


This land is now home to our 4,600-square-foot Gakon greenhouse.

Lisa and Tim stand with Mayor Martin J. Walsh as the ribbon is cut for the

new Gakon greenhouse.


​We Grow Microgreens, LLC's farm has been supported by grants from
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
The Massachusetts Department of Agriculture (MDAR)
The City of Boston
​This support made the Farm possible.

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Growing Practices


Enjoy our nutritious microgreen mixes. Featuring a varying combination of radish, kale, sunflower, pea shoots, arugula, purple shiso, and edible flowers like gem marigold and nasturtium! A perfect addition to a salad or sandwich.

Try Our Classic Microgreens Mixes

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Hyde Park Farmstand

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Fridays from 12pm - 4pm

Our weekly farmstand at our Hyde Park greenhouse features our microgreens and locally-sourced produce. Fridays from 12pm to 4pm.
21 Norton St. Hyde Park, MA 02136

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Farmer's Markets

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Various Locations

We sell at various farmer's markets weekly. Currently, we are at the Natick Winter Farmers' Market every Saturday.

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Community Preservation Act Path

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Spring, Summer and Fall

From Dawn to Dusk

Our Community Preservation Act grant-funded path welcomes you. Designed by Wes Wirth of Thomas Wirth Associates in collaboration with We Grow Microgreens, LLC, the path features views of our Hyde Park greenhouse, specialty plants and flowers, and our high tunnels.

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Proud to be a Minority and Black Owned Business
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Photos courtesy of Clean Food Club 

We welcome SNAP, WIC and HIP.