Our Vision

We aim to educate consumers on how to use microgreens’ unique taste, texture, and color as a garnish for salads or to complement entrees. In addition, we hope to help individuals understand the nutritional values of microgreens as well as our unique plants. We also hope to share our love of growing with customers who purchase our edible and ornamental plants. We Grow Microgreens strongly believes in the buy local movement. Our new Hyde Park farm is just minutes away from where we live in Roslindale. We shop in Roslindale and our microgreens are at the Roslindale Farmers' Market and made into smoothies at Green Tea Cafe up the street. 

As Massachusetts State certified teachers, with over 20 years of combined teaching experience, we are well equipped to create an educational program for youth and adults to help them discover the power of growing their own food.


Sarah Mo

"I feel hugely inspired by Tim and Lisa to start my own farm business. They are great mentors and well connected to the community. It was such a valuable experience participating in all aspects of their business. I now feel equipped with knowledge and confidence to begin growing in Ithaca, NY."