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12 leaves per bag.


Grown right here in Hyde Park, MA. You've had coffee beans, but did you know that coffee leaves are edible as well? Coffee leaves have been found to have high levels of mangiferin, chlorogenic acid, ECGC, theobromine and nitric oxid. These phytochemicals can help your immune system, your memory and provides a ton of antioxidants. Coffee leaves can be consumed fresh in the form of coffee leaf tea.

The flavor of coffee leaf tea has been found to be herbaceous and earthy with sweet grassy notes in the background. Fresh and dried leaves can be boiled and steeped. Leaves should be steeped in boiling water for about 2 minutes, and simmered for about 8. Sweeten as desired. Coffee leaves have about the same amount of caffeine as green tea. 


To increase flavor in your tea we recomend add cinnamon, allspice or kaffir-lime leaves.


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Also please keep in mind that we have a $40 minimum on all shipped orders. Can't think of what else to order? Support our local farm by purchasing a canvas tote, created by our design intern, with beautiful renderings of our microgreens, plants, and fruits. We also have notecards with renderings by all of the artists who have supported our farm, which make a great gift or addition to your stationary!

Coffee Arabica Fresh Leaves

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